Selling A Property In Gateshead? Try Gateshead Property Online!

Looking for a modern and experienced agent that offers all the benefits of a traditional agent without the inflated high-street prices? Gateshead Property Online are offering a welcome and refreshing new approach to marketing property by offering the best of online and traditional agents.

We have summarised just some of the unique selling points for customers to consider.

Competitive-Gateshead Property online marketing includes professional photos, highlighted selling points, for sale board and your property listed on Rightmove.  Qualified and experienced staff are on hand to answer any customer enquiries, arrange viewings and negotiate offers. Once a sale has been agreed customers still receive the benefit of a full after care service right up until the point of the sale completing.

Additionally they have looked at research released by Rightmove taken from buyer’s feedback. The findings state that 1 in 4 buyers won’t even contact an agent to enquire about a property if it doesn’t have a floorplan. We know that traditional high-street agents typically charge a premium for floorplans but Gateshead Property Online include one as standard with their marketing, completely free of charge. A much bigger difference unlike other online agents, Gateshead Property Online don’t charge any upfront costs while still being able to offer a low cost agency fee of £997 and only when the property sells.

Choice-Gateshead Property Online are able to offer their customers a much greater choice in additional services at a fraction of the usual cost of a traditional high-street agent. They offer a variety of marketing products that not only improve the quality of the marketing but are proven to help encourage more buyers to interact with the property advert. This helps to increase the chance that they will then contact the agent for more information or arrange a viewing

Convenient-By advertising all their services online and remaining transparent about the associated fees, Gateshead Property Online ensure that all the initial information their customers require is available to them at any time. By advertising the services in this clear and simple way, right from the beginning, customers can be confident that they are receiving the very best service on offer at the most competitive price without any of the usual commission negotiations required when approaching standard agents.

Experience-Most online agents cover a large service area which can mean that their staff are not as knowledgeable about their service areas. Covering large areas can also have a negative effect on the level of personal service their customers receive. Gateshead Property Online limit their service area to Gateshead only. By doing this they can ensure that their customers are not compromising on the service they receive.  Their experienced staff have a firm local knowledge of the area they cover and have established relationships with local buyers.

For further information on Gateshead Property Online feel free to contact them directly on 0191 491 1001 or visit their website.


When it comes to selling your home, the ideal scenario to get your property sold quickly is to find a buyer who has cash at their disposal.

Having said that, cash buyers don’t come along very often, and finding someone who has cash funds can often be a difficult task. As a property seller you really need to know the facts about dealing with cash property buyers, whether it is on the open market or via a quick property sale company. Below are some common misconceptions that you may or may not have known.

Cash Buyers NEVER Pay Full Market Value

One fact that all home sellers need to bare in mind is that no cash property buyer will ever pay 100% market value for a home. It’s inevitable that anyone looking to sell their home quickly for cash is going to receive a lower offer – as the buyer is the one in a more powerful position. Let’s look at it this way, if a used car trader bought your vehicle from you at 100% market value, and then went on to sell your vehicle on their car lot at 100% market value; how would they keep their business running? The answer is they couldn’t. The same applies to cash property investors, they are in the property business to make a profit. Some cash buyers will want more than others, some are fair with their pricing whereas others will want 30-40% discounts on current market value.

A cash property buying company is likely to pay less than a cash buyer you find on the open market via an estate agent. The reason for this is that the cash buyer on the open market doesn’t usually have as many overheads (staff, offices etc) as a big cash buying firm. Having said that you may be surprised at the offer some companies will make, so it’s always a good idea to shop around when you are looking for a company to deal with.

Cash Buyers RARELY Search The Open Market

The next snag about cash buyers is that they rarely search the open market. You wouldn’t see an investor on the high street browsing the local estate agents window, or looking at the premium listings in the Newspaper and Magazines. The likelihood is that you will find cash investors at auctions, on estate agent mailing lists and investment companies. Some companies that claim to buy cash buyers and say they have investors available are actually relying on Buy-to-Let mortgages, and you need to be careful of this situation arising. A mortgage investor can only complete as quickly as the mortgage company will allow, and this isn’t what you are signing up for! What you want is a quick sale, and the only way to guarantee this is with a genuine cash buyer. You can determine if a company are genuine cash buyers by asking them to provide you with proof of funds.

Cash Buyers Are A RARE Breed

As mentioned before cash home buyers are rarely looking on the open market, and what makes things even harder is that they are rarely discoverable at all! The easiest way to source a cash buyer is by using a firm. Remember you MUST do your homework on quick sale agencies, and you need to make sure the company you are dealing with are legitimate and honest. Look at reviews, don’t accept the first offer you are given, and don’t be bullied.

Using a cash buying firm or seeking a quick sale via a cash house buyer should be the very last step in your search for a fast sale. The advantages are you will get a guaranteed quick sale, and the disadvantage is that you will be selling at a below market value price. It is up to you to make this financial decision.